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Thanks to the University of Middle Tennessee, you can now turn your car into a plug-in hybrid for $3000!

Ring of fire!

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The Incredible Rise of Mind-Controlled Robotic Limbs

A few years ago the thought of a robotic limb controlled by a person’s mind was the stuff of science fiction. Today, it seems like there’s a new breakthrough in bionic technology every week.

A new study published on Tuesday by Nature described one of the more impressive feats we’ve heard about: A paralyzed man and woman each had chips implanted onto the motor cortex area of the brain that measured their neurons firing as they watched lab technicians move a robotic arm. A computer recorded the pattern of their thinking as they imagined moving the robotic arm and after they had trained the computer, they took control of the arm. For the first time in years, they were able to serve themselves using nothing more than brain power.

This woman moved a robotic arm with her mind. That is so, so cool.

We’re not at ‘Star Trek’ transporter level yet, but the achievement represents a big step forward in the field of quantum cryptography.

One Hong Kong engineer puts the city’s surf and turf to work toward a cleaner future


Aurora Photographer

by Babak A. Tafreshi

A spectacular display of Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights lit up the sky over Sweden Mountains near Kiruna, in the Arctic region.

Nearly five years after being discovered on a riverbank in snowy Siberia, the adorable 42,000-year-old baby debuts in Hong Kong

At Hong Kong’s “Robots in Motion 2012” Expo, one of the world’s most sophisticated (and beautiful) robots came to life