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Para Kito Mosquito Repellent

Heading to the tropics? Taking off on a jungle adventure?Avoid coming home covered in bug bites with Hong Kong-based
Para’ Kito products, which use all-natural ingredients to shoo away pesky little buggers.

The brand’s brightly colored mosquito-repelling bracelets are one way to protect yourself, but you can also opt for the new roll-on gel, which uses essential oils that’ll protect you for up to…

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Three thousand kilometers on three wheels? Adventurous globe-trotters see India via roads less traveled

Good news: The Hong Kong government approved my employment visa late last week.

Bad news: To activate the visa, I have to enter the country with it; however, TIME won’t be able to get it to me in the U.S. before I leave. That means after I pick up the visa from the Hong Kong TIME office,  I’ll have to take a day trip to Macau and gamble for the day. Good thing I’m flush with babysitting cash.  


Life’s tough, eh?